Monday, February 19, 2007

I wonder what the allure of binatog is!

At this point, I am honestly pondering on the seemingly trivialities that I write about . . . from pan de sal to this. . .??? What am I getting at . . .??? There must be something to all that I'm trying to put together. . . What it is, I might find out in the end. . .
Remember I said that I wanted to look at stuff that is exclusively sold in Baguio brought about by its cool clime vis a vis distinct consumer needs.
ANyway, this is one of the delectable comfort food. It's warm, it's sweet, it's creamy and you can find this along Baguio's main streets-- Harrison Road, Burnham Park main streets, and Session Road (Upper, near BPI)
Hehehehe! Enjoy!

the ultimate pan de sal experience

There is nothing more romantic than having your pan de sal baked the pugon style. Much more so having your warm pan de sal and affording the crisp, early morning or the equally nifty-cold night partnered with a fifteen-peso fresh brew of coffee at the Shell station in Marcos Highway. While it does seem quite a drive all the way there, to be greeted with the waft of freshly baked pan de sal-- pugon style (in a native-brick furnace, firewood-fueled baking)-- it becomes all worth it. It has actually gotten quite a reputation for itself. One afternoon, while I took the chance for a quick indulgent drive for my favorite pan de sal, a group of what would be Manila dwellers stopped by and even literally waited for the bread to bake . . . (since I had apparently consumed 15+2 of it already -- booty for the home, you know.) Each pan de sal costs 3.50, is sized almost more than 2x our normal one-peso pan de sal. Oh, did I say that for every fifteen pieces, you get 2 free pieces? There are brightly colored orange heavy monobloc chairs and tables and an array of "palaman" to choose from-- from non-veg Reno meat spreads to the very veggie strawberry jam. If you're lucky, like when I got there, the main chef or chefs-in-training such as this one in the photo would be so kind as to open that very curious baking trap door-- as I would call it, since I have no other name for it. Then, you can ask questions about how it's done-- what makes pan de pugon so extra special--- soft, sweet, chewy--- all the qualities of comfort food to the max. . . (At this moment, it's almost 12 midnight and I have to control myself from driving outside and getting myself a bag) Pan de Pugon is open, 24 hours. Due to such demand for the bread there are times when you might have to wait or simply lament, for there isn't any left. . . A franchise for this bread outfit will cost close to a million-- according to Manong Benjie, chief chef of Pan de PUgon. hmmmm hmmm hmm!
Let me just share this bit by Ms. Julie Fianza about the upcoming events for the Baguio Flower Festival Panagbenga Parades on Feb. 24-25 By: Julie Fianza Email: Posted: February 16, 2007 09:54:36 PM GMT(+8) BAGUIO CITY-The city’s main roads, parks and tourist spots are expected to be crowded with local and foreign visitors as the Panagbenga’s popular and most awaited streetdancing, flower and float parade goes on this coming weekend, Feb. 24 and 25. Acting Mayor Reinaldo Bautista, Jr. thus asked for indulgence among the general public during this time, as since the city is considered as a premier tourist spot, crowding could not be avoided. The traffic number coding scheme has also been suspended, thus, more private vehicles are expected in the streets, the acting mayor added. The parades, expected to be participated in by the city’s barangays, elementary and high schools, business establishments, socio-civic groups, and flower growers, are scheduled to start both at 8 AM, on Saturday and Sunday from atop Session road and weave its way through Session road and Magsaysay avenue to Burnham Park. A variety of shapes, styles, forms and quaint designs of flower floats are also expected with the profusion of blooms, courtesy of green thumbs under shade of green houses, here and in the province of Benguet. Said floats are expected to elicit awe from plant enthusiasts among the locals and tourists alike. On-going activities for the festival are, the Barangay beautification in chosen barangay venues; school-based activities in city schools; Market encounter, International Trade Fair and Mindanao Bazaar, all at Burnham Park; the Baguio Art Galleria Painting Exhibit at the Baguio Convention Center (BCC); flower trading post at the Art Area Filling Station at Camp John Hay; and, the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) at the Baguio City National High School (BCNHS). A medical mission also goes on at the Baguio Convention Center (BCC) on Feb. 19, through the concerted efforts of local doctors and those from the US who deem it proper to share their expertise with Baguioites. On Feb. 20, 21 and 22, the doctors shall move to Dontogan barangay court, Irisan barangay court and City Camp Proper for more services to the needy. On February 20-21, Jazz Up your Jeans, a bleach art contest is open to those who would want to design their jeans, at SM City Atrium, while on Jan 23, several activities are scheduled: at 7 AM, the Mr. Panagbenga at the BCC; I FM Pop Fiesta 2 at the Baguio Athletic Bowl; 6 PM, Wedding Made in Heaven Fashion Show and Santacruzan at the Baguio Cathedral and Session road; 4 PM, Flower Princess coronation at the FB bldg, University of Baguio; 6PM, Flower Jam at SM/ Malcolm Square/People’s Park; and Weddings Made in Heaven-Bridal Fair at the Multi-Purpose Hall, Baguio Country Club. On Feb. 24, other activities lined-up before and after the street parade, are, 7 AM, Mr. and Ms. Fashionista at the BCC; 6 PM, Handog ng Bombo Radyo at Star FM, Melvin Jones Football field; San Miguel and Abanao Square Concert Street Party at Abanao street; 7 PM, K-lite in Bloom; and Spectacular Fireworks display, at SM City Central Park. Other activities after the float parade, are; First Panagbenga Cheer Dance Festival at the BCC, and International Plastic Moulders Society Exhibit at the Baguio Country Club. Session road in Bloom along Session road and the Flower Festivity Bazaar at Burnham Park, shall start on Feb. 26 after the two parades, and will last until March 4. The works of Dave Leprozo, a local multi-awarded photojournalist; and Harley Palangchao shall also be featured at the SM City Exhibit Center on Feb. 26-28. Other flower-motif activities are expected for the last week, and closing of the festival.**JGF

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Need to think about this

. . . nothing exists unless it is written. . . To end, let me quote a most endearing thought by Natalie Goldberg, author of "Writing Down the Bones": "Writers live twice. They go along with their regular life . . . But there's another part of them that they have been training. The one that lives everything a second time."

Sunday, February 11, 2007

romancing burnham and baguio

Allow me to just express my utter frustration at my lack of, techie-skills. I really really need to brush up on this. Let me work on my picture setting skills-- and I'll be zooming off in no time!
Burnham Park for me has always been part of my growing up in Baguio. While there is the expected staples of a boat-ride you could haggle for around 40-60 pesos per hour, there are other aspects so worthy to explore. . . For one, we have crowd-drawers such as a this Saint Bernard spectacle. The owner charges 20 pesos per shot and you get other freebies like pet him, ask questions about him. . . A true blue Baguio superstar. Another would be just the pockets of lawn grass for everyone to sit on. Funny, when I have go to SM on a Sunday, I have the impression that everyone in Baguio is in SM. I was utterly wrong when I got to Burnham park. At this of point realization, I felt happy about Baguio. I feared the fact that the consumerism bug has hit us Baguio dwellers so much that we might have had the incling, calling, tendency to move to an "SM" to spend a family afternoon there.
Apart from the uniqueness that is in Baguio, I often wondered if the warm, glorious side walk food is offered else where in the Philippines: (At this point however, you will need to know that I have been a vegetarian for the last 15 years or so. . .) STEAMED CORN . . . SWEET CORN. .. GOLDEN SWEET CORN- prices range from 20 to 25 according to size. To deviate from Burnham but still on the topic of sweet corn is this juicy bit: starting around 7-9 p.m. SM sells the same big sized corn on a cob for BUY ONE TAKE ONE. I usually get the unsalted, unbuttered, just purely steamed one for 17 pesos-- this however is a chance of fate if I ever find myself in SM at that time. . . The same goes for freshly juiced juices in SM that are priced at 49 pesos, same deal: buy one, take one.
On the topic of warm yummyables: My next photos, will be on binatog (fresh native corn, de-cobbed, steamed, swimming in evaporada, grated niyog and sugar. . . yes, like 3 teaspoons of sugar.