Sunday, February 11, 2007

romancing burnham and baguio

Allow me to just express my utter frustration at my lack of, techie-skills. I really really need to brush up on this. Let me work on my picture setting skills-- and I'll be zooming off in no time!
Burnham Park for me has always been part of my growing up in Baguio. While there is the expected staples of a boat-ride you could haggle for around 40-60 pesos per hour, there are other aspects so worthy to explore. . . For one, we have crowd-drawers such as a this Saint Bernard spectacle. The owner charges 20 pesos per shot and you get other freebies like pet him, ask questions about him. . . A true blue Baguio superstar. Another would be just the pockets of lawn grass for everyone to sit on. Funny, when I have go to SM on a Sunday, I have the impression that everyone in Baguio is in SM. I was utterly wrong when I got to Burnham park. At this of point realization, I felt happy about Baguio. I feared the fact that the consumerism bug has hit us Baguio dwellers so much that we might have had the incling, calling, tendency to move to an "SM" to spend a family afternoon there.
Apart from the uniqueness that is in Baguio, I often wondered if the warm, glorious side walk food is offered else where in the Philippines: (At this point however, you will need to know that I have been a vegetarian for the last 15 years or so. . .) STEAMED CORN . . . SWEET CORN. .. GOLDEN SWEET CORN- prices range from 20 to 25 according to size. To deviate from Burnham but still on the topic of sweet corn is this juicy bit: starting around 7-9 p.m. SM sells the same big sized corn on a cob for BUY ONE TAKE ONE. I usually get the unsalted, unbuttered, just purely steamed one for 17 pesos-- this however is a chance of fate if I ever find myself in SM at that time. . . The same goes for freshly juiced juices in SM that are priced at 49 pesos, same deal: buy one, take one.
On the topic of warm yummyables: My next photos, will be on binatog (fresh native corn, de-cobbed, steamed, swimming in evaporada, grated niyog and sugar. . . yes, like 3 teaspoons of sugar.