Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Vicarious has become Real: photos of iBlog3

I'm back from Manila!!! And I've finally kissed the ground and paid homage to my mother-ship: UP Diliman. I've honestly been reading from other blogs as often as I 've been reading the newspaper-- Inquirer--which is everyday-- like second skin, like brushing one's teeth. As a beginning blogger, I specifically looked into the blog of my old-time friend jester-in-exile. That's how I actually got into reading so much about the blog parteeh and the blog awards. More of like an epiphanic effect, I really got hitched into this blogging itch (hehe, can't help but be corny with rhymes). Until Thursday afternoon, I was still actually coming to terms with really acknowledging that I'm really going to IBlog3! I am on an "infowhelm" at the moment. This term, coined by ian jukes of the committed sardine blog (check this site out!) and so all I could do is just really post some pictures and my post-iBlog3 musings will come in later. I do have so much of a line up, but this will have to do first-- besides, from the notes I've taken down, I am challenging myself to blog at least every other day. Walking into the UP School of Economics Auditorium -- This is what greeted me. Here's Atty. JJ Disini giving his Welcome Remarks. Followed by speakers Chris Havarata on "Blogging for Newbies", Followed by Noemi Dado (Personal Blogging Success Story), and her daughter Lauren on Do's and Don'ts to personal blogging. This is just the first batch of stuff I'd like to share. Meanwhile, I dread the thought that tomorrow is a Monday, but I'm am ever ever thankful for the pile of papers I have to check-- So, see ya! 'Nuffabloggin fer now'