Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My husband's visual DNA

hehehe. Unlike poles so attract

Oooohhhh . . . Profound

My reading project

So last night I was happily done with "Fat, Cranky and Full of It" by Sonni Viudez-- okay, I'm a tad bit woozy right now-- verge of sleeping-- but it was really really good. If more guys read it, they'd actually know how women are the greatest mystery ever and the sexes would live happily ever after for some moments-- at least! Anyway, the next one I'm reading is "Little Freedoms" by Maryanne Moll. I'm on the fifth page.

Long long line today-- but 'twas a blessed day

After waking up at around 12 mn, I couldn't get to go to sleep anymore. By one-ish, I was back in the Internet-- great cure for emerging insomniacs like myself (I hope not!!!). All I did was look at the listings of all international schools registered in EARCOS-- okay okay, I was just browsing! I wanted to see what the vacant teaching jobs were. So I did a little experiment-- the results and full account of which I will divulge in due time. I was done with the internet at around 5:30 a.m. and I was wavering on the idea whether or not I should go to my little part time job while I'm on vacation from work (my real work starts in August-- I have a two month break as part of being our "summer vacation" which really isn't summer anymore, sigh). So there. I still decided to go-- report at 8:30 and finished at around 10"45-- went straight to UP and by good graces got so so so much cooperation from Manang Violy. The angel of UP. I'll post her picture soon. Haggard, haggard, haggard-- wearing tsinelas, skinny jeans, and a frumpy shirt-- I was gasp!! gasp!!! mistaken to be a freshman at the table where they released enrollment forms!!!! super duper gasp!!! Maybe it's the 3 zits on my forehead-- that should have been way over 15 years ago. To my delight, I actually told them: "mag-add kayo ng 16 years sa edad na 'yon" (Add 16 years to my presupposed age). Hehehe! Anyway, what can I say???!!! So I actually veered off from this really really really long line-- payment of fees. So I just went to the UP bookstore. At this point I'm thinking: "Why I didn't take pictures at that time is beyond me." Argh! Sayang. Anyway, I'm taking pics tomorrow. I passed by the UP Press Bookstore-- ah, sanctuary-- an escape from today's enrollment hype. I'm thanking the Supreme Being up there that I've finally made peace with a professor today. Let's just finish with point that I didn't do anything in the first place, it's just that years ago, I was mistakenly blamed for doing something I did not do. Ah, bliss--- bliss, bliss. Today was extremely good.