Monday, June 4, 2007

Aha!!!!!! I found my thesis proposal!

The Construction of the Nationhood and Identity through Toilet signs!!!! hehehhee!

Baguio Market Trip Part 5??!!!!!!!!???

Now here's the highlight of this particular market trip: Two words: Sweet Corn-- yum yum yum! I'm boiling one for myself now this very minute!
Sweet Kamote is such a delectable treat--you'll see in my next post!
I made mango cobbler today from a kilo that I bought! I love magoes!!!!
OOOhhhhhkay, here's a picture that has bangus, I think
Why, you could buy a dozen every single day!!!!!!!!!!!!
In conclusion, I'm am prone to feeding myself lots and lots this 2 month break! Yahoo! cheers to a life in BAguio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Market part 4

This is the ultimate place to buy everything made by soy beans: warm taho, warm soybean milk, tofu, tokwa, soft tofu-- aaahhh! Vegetarian paradise!!!!!!!!!!!
Interesting trivia just right outside the display glass. Need I say more???
Yum yum yum, when they're done, the bottle is warm. No sugar at all. It's a really heathly drink.
Vincent Van gogh should have taken inspiration from the hues of veggies.
I love love this-- specially in Mongolian eat all you can at O Mai Khan. I'm cooking Tom Yum so I'm getting a couple of these

Market Trip part 3

Due to my inability to move and shift things in the correct chronological way, you will have to eat from down to up. Forgive me!!!!!!! Dig dig dig this. Donuts that look like something out of Mister or Dunkin donuts for only 3 bucks. Unfortunately, I've never been a donut fan so I didn't try to do a taste test. Anyway, it was really really amusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's actually steam that comes out of this bag of fresh fresh native corn. Um um um!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention warm and I mean warm Taho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These come in ten peso to twenty peso deals!!!!!!!!! These come in 10-30 pesos . . . utterably fashionable. Style exudes from the wearer and not just the merchandise. You beg to disagree? I don't care!

My Market Trip (Part 2) There's more than a part two

Okay. So I don't know if it's me or my good luck but I can only load up once successfully. So that means I will have part 3 and 4, or even till 5. To post all the relevant pictures. Before I even got the market, I couldn't help myself but heed to the call of "National Bookstore". I was having an inner debate on whether or not I'm going to blow my moola on all and I mean all of Jessica Zafra's book for my thesis: The Constuction of Filipino femininity in Jessica Zafra's books but something within me told me that I needed to seek other options: Filipino women writers from the bookshelf-- equalling contemporary non-fiction writers and the construction of current Filipino femininity. Okay, so I went to National Bookstore since it was on the way naman to the market di ba? Years and years ago, National bookstore and actually being in there was already heaven for me. A trip to Manila wasn't complete till I step inside National Bookstore. I want to own one!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! Seemingly "thin" books but hefty in words eh? Okay, NOW I'm on my way to market. Daily scene. Oh by the way, I did not use my camera. I wanted to take pictures in stealth--- actually added more pumpin' adventure to it. Oh see part three.