Monday, June 4, 2007

Market Trip part 3

Due to my inability to move and shift things in the correct chronological way, you will have to eat from down to up. Forgive me!!!!!!! Dig dig dig this. Donuts that look like something out of Mister or Dunkin donuts for only 3 bucks. Unfortunately, I've never been a donut fan so I didn't try to do a taste test. Anyway, it was really really amusing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's actually steam that comes out of this bag of fresh fresh native corn. Um um um!!!!!!!!!! Not to mention warm and I mean warm Taho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These come in ten peso to twenty peso deals!!!!!!!!! These come in 10-30 pesos . . . utterably fashionable. Style exudes from the wearer and not just the merchandise. You beg to disagree? I don't care!

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