Tuesday, June 5, 2007

An Afternoon of Pleasant Work at Forest House Bottomless Coffee at 40 pesos (or was it 35?)

Even at this time that I'm trying to whip up a thesis proposal and going through my stash of newly acquired NBS books, can I just say this. . . I LOVE BAGUIO!!! hehehehe! Now, I was going to go to SB (this gourmet coffee place) but heck ever since I could remember, I always want to get my money's worth. . . Here's what I need, ambiance, comfy couch, overflowing coffee. Why, while I was driving to John Hay, Forest House was just in the most convenient way!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah! Perfect. I got to finish almost one whole book by this guy, Sonni M. Viudez, "Fat Cranky and Full of It: Funny Essays with Delusions of Grandeur"-- I'm trying to see his active construct of Filipino Femininity-- If you want to understand the whole mars and venus thing-- read this. I'm very very surprised that this writer is a guy. Anyway, the three consecutive pictures of coffee is not the same coffee. each picture says how often i had coffee.
This is the side that I incessantly look at for inspiration.
My stash of books to read and mashed potatoes with gravy
. . . and the coffee
I'm old fashioned. I don't want to bring my laptop. . . I went to the restroom thrice!!! Does that mean I have to bring my laptop too just in case to the restroom as well??? Just in case it tempts theivery . . .??? OMGosh! I need some peace of mind. So, yes, paper and pen is the way to go!!!
Second cup . . .
I actually had a third serving, but I'm not going to post that anymore. Funny, one of the waiters tried to strike a conversation. Funny, he was asking if I was taking up NURSING. . . NURSING????? huh??? Anyway, the conclusion is: I'VE FOUND MY SANCTUARY!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE I'M GOING TO WORK AND WORK AND WORK AND WORK AND WORK. BY THE WAY, I SPENT SATURDAY NIGHT AT FOREST HOUSE. ACOUSTIC SINGING IS PERFECT. FOR A CONSUMABLE DEAL OF 150, I honestly feel I got more of a really good deal since the band-- DejaVu is absolutely excellent (I'm so tempted to record their songs and put it on a CD-- I so love the way they sing. . . Nice sounds for a good drive!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Session Road, Today, June 5

Since I've been off from official school work, there's nothing like being able to actually write on almost a daily basis (whether people read it or not, this really is for me anyway). ehehehe!!!! So here it is, just because of the sheer joy that I'm finally able to stroll along this endeared promenade (supposed to be) area, here is how Session Road looked at 11 a.m.