Saturday, June 2, 2007

On my way to the Market

You've gotta cut me some slack. I took the advantage to go to HBC. I confess, I'm not into going to the parlor on a regular basis. When I go for some occasional haircut I get this incessant question of : So, who does your hair??? I detest that question. I just say, "Oh anyone." Have a shamed myself to shreds. Have I implied a non-sophisticated frumpy level for myself? You know what, I don't care. Oh anyway, back to HBC, on rare occasion that I get to go to HBC, my stash includes buying the biggest sizes of Apple shampoo and conditioner plus the biggest jar of hot oil. So there. Part of my marketing, okay!? Thou shall market for self first. hehehehe! Hey! I've worked hard to the bone this school year!
WHy is this here????!!!! I was waiting for parking near Abanao Square. I circled twice and I was looking at the clock and still reconciling with the fact that at 840 a.m., the parking is full. I had more pictures to this. Not just this one. I've been trying to load up pictures through blogger but I've been getting really bad rejections. . . ARgh! I'm experimenting on opening up a new post so I can post more pictures. It takes too long to put up pictures through blogger. Am I doing something wrong???!!!! The good thing is that I'm able to read the stash of books I bought yesterday. I'm on a reading marathon so that I can write up some meat for my thesis proposal. I'm sounding so selfish. Yes today is all about me. selfish selfish selfish. tsk tsk tsk