Monday, March 19, 2007

ARGGGGGH!!! but hey, I'm back!

Okay, call me a victim but I've been rendered useless and voiceless for the past three weeks. It's just frustrating to keep calling Smart Bro and making a follow up every stinking day. Humph. . . Yes, I do go on-line at work but there are restrictions at work . . . so I couldn't. Anyway, do I have a line up of stuff: long delayed. . . but never mind. We look into the refreshed and regained empowerment of connection. This was in good 'ol Tamawan-- the rice festival that happened early February 11. While the place is bordered by more than the so-called "signs of progress". Thanks to my best friend, Christina, who heeded to the call of going back to Baguio and checking out the usual tourist staples. So there we were at refreshing Tamawan. I do remember the days when we had poetry readings there. For a group of college students and young free single workers like myself, spending a weekend afternoon of poetry in a place like Tamawan was truly an experience worth rehashing in the mind. . . One story that I would always never fail to tell my students. . . How a group of people bound by the lure of sheer intoxicating poetry would disregard the fact that an approximately 5 kilometers to Session Road was an effortless walk. . . a stroll and a conversationtake one's mind off time, distance, and seeming labor. Well, cheers to Tam Awan. . . By the way, as I write, I'm making this mental note of going back there this weekend and get myself some portraits done by the artists there. . .What a picker-upper. I love Baguio!