Monday, June 4, 2007

My Market Trip (Part 2) There's more than a part two

Okay. So I don't know if it's me or my good luck but I can only load up once successfully. So that means I will have part 3 and 4, or even till 5. To post all the relevant pictures. Before I even got the market, I couldn't help myself but heed to the call of "National Bookstore". I was having an inner debate on whether or not I'm going to blow my moola on all and I mean all of Jessica Zafra's book for my thesis: The Constuction of Filipino femininity in Jessica Zafra's books but something within me told me that I needed to seek other options: Filipino women writers from the bookshelf-- equalling contemporary non-fiction writers and the construction of current Filipino femininity. Okay, so I went to National Bookstore since it was on the way naman to the market di ba? Years and years ago, National bookstore and actually being in there was already heaven for me. A trip to Manila wasn't complete till I step inside National Bookstore. I want to own one!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHH! Seemingly "thin" books but hefty in words eh? Okay, NOW I'm on my way to market. Daily scene. Oh by the way, I did not use my camera. I wanted to take pictures in stealth--- actually added more pumpin' adventure to it. Oh see part three.

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