Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Finally heard from the deep end of the void

I've often wondered how the world would be like in terms of the balancing of nature, humankind, science, and technology-- would it be set in such in a semblance of serving benevolently to each other. . . blogging could be one-- I've never imagined how reconciling blogging could be for the human spirit and a personal computer-- humankind is remarkable (despite its own despises). Basking in the moment of finally opening the portals of my inner voice, I now feel free. I've sometimes shunned or even postponed the fact of ever resuming into journal writing or diary writing. I've seemed to set it aside because writing in itself and reading for myself. . . meaning, what I write lies within the consumption of only myself, has become irrelevant and thus, a poor motivation for my writing. It's not at all that I wanted to be heard, to be popular, to gain laurels of acknowledgement from the-world-out-there, it's just that I have this hunger to be out-there and that being out-there is in itself significant. I welcome myself to this world out-there. Finally, I am heard from the deep end of my void.

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