Monday, December 31, 2007

writing machine

It's 9 a.m. tsk tsk very very far from the norm of the hours that I'm up and moving; thanks for vacations such as these-- soul saving. While I'm writing, we have the Rent songs playing over and over-- particularly, Seasons of Love. I love love the lyrics of the song. Now to the inevitable, despite all the bleakness the year 2007 has successfully dispersed down to the final days, there is the challenge to keep swimming and keep our heads up. No, humanity isn't drowning. And there are ways. There are ways that we can still make little pockets of heaven. I guess we owe it to ourselves-- that much of an effort to not just let things go. Yes, there are things that worry me, it seems with all the environmental, socio-political, and economic woes our generation is facing. . . there really isn't much left save for the heightened intellectual awareness and the assertion for expression and creativity that we are left with. There is also a return to the Eastern wisdom---- perhaps, it's about just that time! To that, I give a toast to life.

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