Thursday, May 31, 2007

What I prize about Baguio and the flourish of the Arts

I may not be able to be as mobile and as hawk-eyed as others in as far as the stuff that goes around here but from my work place, I relish the opportunity to marvel at the art work the students have done. Apart from actually coming up with a really simple book with the help of some students and staff-- not to mention, my co-teacher Cynthia, the environment of Baguio is soooo conducive for such growth for it is fecund ground. These are the students doing poetry reading from a fifteen minute exercise we had. I just have one for this: Phenomenal
Coming to a fruition is the revival of the literary anthology of works from the students: It took some gruelling nights to finish this atop the academic work we had to do but it was all worth it. A tradition has been revived. Till next year again Another product of genius is the annual IB Art Exhibit. My my, these guys can really really paint!!!!!!!!!!!!! These students are sooooo lucky: by Gia Mendoza, Grade 12
by Mica Bautista, Grade 12
by Monique Nassr, Grade 12
by Rachel Cho, Grade 12 Kudos to the Art Professor and my (hopefully) future teacher as well, Mr. Bob Joaquin Oh, see! Great to be in Baguio di ba?

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Christina said...

These artworks are beautiful!! Baguio is such an inspiring place to be indeed. Long live...