Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post Baguio Flower Festival Musings: YES, I WENT!

. . . nothing exists unless it is written. . . To end, let me quote a most endearing thought by Natalie Goldberg, author of "Writing Down the Bones": "Writers live twice. They go along with their regular life . . . But there's another part of them that they have been training. The one that lives everything a second time." This is my last post for today. . . I do have so much to do-- it's just that I can't help myself from writing all these down. . . must satiate . . . must satiate! Sounds carnivorous but hey, I'm a vegetarian (lacto-vegetarian). Thankfully, truly truly thankfully that I live in Baguio! Speaking of the title that was supposed to have been my focus (forgive the deviation), as a Baguio dweller, one incident on Saturday, February 24 put me to a bit of shame to actually ignore and avoid this festival--- okay, okay, so nothing's perfect but let me explain this: Sans the fact that riding behind my husband on a motorbike just to get to town that morning . Despite the blur of traffic wrought by people and cars, something was lucid before my eyes: People make all the trouble to get here. . . There MUST be something about the Flower Festival now. I guess the power of the critical mass that seems to have spark a thrill for the festival has gotten me. Oh but make no mistake that I've never held the Baguio Flower Festival close to my heart. I actually worked for the John Hay Poro Point Development Corporation specifically under Atty. Bangaoet-- so this was five years of being the working staff of the Flower Festival. To cut it short, all I'm saying is that while I've always seen the festival as work-- this year I paid attention to being a tourist-- what it was like. . . People pushing, people straining, people forgetting their snags in life. . . It was hot, but it was simply great.

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