Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Post Baguio Flower Festival Musings

This is one sanctuary that is specially reserved as a watering hole when my best friend Christina comes from Manila. She's a Baguio dweller as well. . . A staple favorite is Ruins' Coffee-- reasonably priced at 25 bucks, I could have a maximum of three servings. I usually go on food quests: The criteria would be (not necessarily in particular order) taste, price (the deal I get), and ambiance. . . I actually have successfully replicated the same taste as the one in Ruins' coffee. Just looking at the picture makes me want to mix one, right now. To Cafe by the Ruins, may you forever be a staple fixture that distinctly makes life in Baguio all worth it!

1 comment:

Christina said...

I miss you two ...
Hope to see you soon, amigas.